Better than What Cake…?

To finish that sentence: Better Than Sex Cake.
I made this cake for my friend Jessica’s birthday, but the problem was that we were going camping for the weekend and I needed something that would hold up for a day or so and still be moist enough to enjoy.

Birthday Girl with her Bros

Enter this recipe.

I baked and assembled it on Thursday (obviously making sure to make an extra 8 inch round for us to taste beforehand–just to make sure!) and we ate it Friday night. It tasted even richer and denser than it did Thursday!
We unveiled the cake Friday night around a campfire we were sharing with our neighbors who happened to be a Dad camping with his two middle school aged daughters (the poor family probably thought they were going to be stuck with some crazy loud college students for the weekend (who, us?) but instead they helped us start a fire and set up our tent. Thank you!!)
We all sang Jessie happy birthday, and I offered our neighbors some cake. When the Dad asked what was in it, I told him and his response was:
“Oh my wife makes something like this! I think she calls it, “Almost Better Than Sex Cake?” I don’t eat sweets but I DEFINITELY want some of that!”
So see? The name precedes its existence, and I promise that whether you need a cake to eat immediately or one that will hold up and still be delicious, give this recipe a shot.

Step 1: Cut criss-cross slits in a baked chocolate cake mix prepared in a 9 by 13 inch pan

Pour a jar of caramel over the cake and let sit for 15 minutes to absorb

Once the caramel is absorbed, sprinkle a bad of crushed heath bar over the top

Next, spread a layer of freshly whipped cream over the heath bar.

Next: oh yeah. Another layer of chocolate and caramel drizzled over the top.

And: oh yeah again. Another layer of crushed heath bar.

A close-up of HEAVEN.

Ci Vediamo!